Natural Dried Pineapple Chips

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Our organic dried pineapple chips is a great companion for home snacks, gathering or office work hours. It’s made of 100% Malaysia pineapple. That means there’s no sugar, no sulfites, no preservatives added. Our idea is simple, retain the nutritional benefits of whole fresh fruits. Enjoy it peace in mind while you are craving for snacks, it provide satiety too. It is also the best choice for kids, eat less junk food and grow up healthier.

What’s in it: 100% Fresh Malaysia pineapple ( Nanas ).

What’s not in it: Sugar, sulfites and preservatives.

It’s healthy snack: ONELY organic dried pineapple chips are made from pineapples picked at their peak of flavor, sorted, sliced and gently dried with our love. We recommend you to storage at 0 – 4 ºC environment after package opening.

Made in Malaysia.

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24 reviews for Natural Dried Pineapple Chips

  1. Mei


    Natural Dried Pineapple Chips
  2. irislaw920316

    I love these. They are not pretty and anyone buying them for other than wanting organic and non processed dried fruit would not find them appealing. They are real dried pineapple in their natural state. They make excellent snacks for hiking or after a work out. I love them best when fighting sugar cravings and I get the flavor, fiber and positive stomach effects of this wholesome, non chemically dried goodness. Highly recommend. Would buy again. 100g per pack have had mine a month and they are just as fresh as the day they arrived. Resealable bag & desiccant is a bonus!!

  3. albertchow

    I like that a natural dried pineapple snacks is available without sulfites and preservatives. It is tasty and very balanced, quite soft and not too sweet. It’s a little fibrous in the mouth but to me that’s fine. Just reminds me it is made from real fruit. Has a nice fruity aroma when you open the bag. I’ll definitely purchase again.

  4. melissateoh

    Yes, these are NOT the perfect yellow sugar coated plastic looking sweetened pineapple candy chunks you typically find. Rather, these are the real thing, real pineapple that has been dried, but not too much, without any sweeteners added. They are chewy but soft enough to be enjoyable, and the flavor is what one would expect from real natural fruit.

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