Monthly Subscription Dried Fruit Snacks!

RM199.00 / 12 months

When you become a member of ONELY, you get 1 pack of dried fruit with FREE SHIPPING on the 5th of every month for a  year.

You will also get cashback credit worth RM 129. We will sent you the credit after you make the subscription. You can use the cashback credit to redeem product price for unlimited duration, the maximum discount for each order is 10%. 

We work through this subscription model instead that allows us to deliver the highest quality at a minimal margin. That means you can get a simple, clean and natural dried fruit snacks for every month. It is good for you, good for your family and good for your wallet.

Remark: If you make new order before the 5th of every month, we will sent your order with the subscription dried fruit, you can save the shipping cost either. (Must notice us for the shipping cost deduction)


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