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ONELY has the social responsibility to change the world with natural & tasty fruit snacks accessible to all.


ONELY was founded as a way to provide children a new idea of having healthy and natural snacks with fun. We noticed that for many children like to having snacks but they were loading up on cheap processed snacks. Most of the snacks taste nice due to additives and flavoring agent.

ONELY concept is simple: Create a perfect snacks suitable for all ages. We create fruit snacks with the original fruit flavor to replace sugar filled or highly processed snacks. It must retained the nutritional benefits of whole fresh fruit without adding sugar, additives or preservatives. It is easy to storage and save your time for fruit preparation. We believe that not only kids but adults will love ONELY snacks too.


We found that Malaysia has many natural resources, especially valuable tropical fruits. We hope that through our efforts, we can help local farmers and elevate the value of fruit to another level. We developed technology to preserve the taste of the fruit, making it chewy, affordable, easy to store and share.

Most importantly, we hope the world know more about Malaysia through ONELY fruit snacks.

ONELY organic dried fruit is picked from certified farm when perfectly ripe, sorted, sliced and then gently dried in our very own drying facilities.

We developed a new processing and packing methods to help retain the nutrition of whole fruits, without adding flavoring and preservatives. 

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Welcome to Onely Nature. We are so happy you are here! My journey with dried fruits started years ago, while staying on Taiwan. I felt amazing since it is my first time taste the pure, clean and fresh dried fruits with my wife. I learned that dried fruits can bring happiness and refreshing nature feeling, and I want to share the sense of joyful. When I founded Onely Nature, I didn't have a big investor or huge staff but my goal was to share high-quality, affordable healthy snacks. The nutritions and happiness of dried fruits can beautifully transform lives, and I wanted more people to be able to experience that. As parents, we can fully understand that our children to have healthy and safe food. We take effort to produce pure and nature tasty snacks. For the gift that ONELY has been to me and my family, I hope it is a blessing beyond measure to you and many more. To our customers, I'd like to say "thank you". You are the heart of our ONELY family. You're why we work and strive to deliver the best nature has to offer. Blessings!
Founder of ONELY, Louis
Louis, Founder of Onely

Our Vision

We lead the new era of healthy snacks. We want to help people eat healthier and happier with our snacks.

We keep create new food items that adhere to our promise: SIMPLE, CLEAN, TRANSPARENCY.

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