5 things you should know early about fruit and dried fruit

5 Differences Between Fruit and Healthy Dried Fruit! The Earlier You Know The Better To Get Healthy Living.

Last update: April 20, 2022

Malaysia is located in a tropical area. It is rich in all kinds of fruit all the year due to natural condition.

As we know, what a happy thing to have juicy fruit in the hot summer! The most important thing is the natural nutrition from fruit, which has many health benefits.

But it is not convenient to eat fruit, heatlhy dried fruit (fruit jerky) becomes everyone’s first choice.

What is the nutritional difference between planted fruits and healthy dried fruits made from dehydration?

Is dried fruit really better than fruit? Is it enough just buying healthy dried fruit in the future?

Let us tell you the 5 differences between fruit and healthy dried fruit that you must know.

As a wise consumer, you can have better choice and prepare for your family.

1. Do not make it juice. Just eat the fruit directly!


👍One fruit a day keeps the doctor away from you.

Fruits have the nutritional value that the human needs. Sometimes due to the inconvenience of fruit cutting or personal habit, the fruit will be squeezed into juice.

People unable to resist the charming color and special taste of juice. It is also believed that juice is easier to digest and absorb by human body, which is healthier and nutritious.

However, the important nutrients such as dietary fiber will remain in the pomace and discarded by us.

The freshly squeezed juice in contact with the air, nutrients such as Vitamin C all lost.

In addition, a glass of juice usually requires 2 to 3 fruits, which increases the sugar content.

To enhance the flavor of fruit juice, it is normally added saccharin and sugar, which brings burden to our health.

It empties quickly in the stomach due to liquid condition, which increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Let healthy dried fruit embrace your life!

There are heat drying, low temperature dehydration, vacuum dehydration and frying to process dried fruit. Different process different nutrition obtained.

A real good dried fruit could be using the heat drying or low temperature dehydration. It remains the nutritional value and fiber of fruit.

In the case of no additional sugar, oil and other ingredients, the original fruit nutrients can be absorbed. The sweet and sour taste can be taste with sense of satiety and no burden.

It is very convenient to get the same nutrition without cutting or peeling the fruit.

2. Eat the fresh fruit, avoid long term storage.

We will buy a lot of fruits when we go to supermarket. We forgot the fruits have the storage time and need to enjoy them within the time.

Fruits will become moldy or rotten after being storage for a long time. People reluctant to discard them. Only the rotten parts that are visible to the naked eye are removed, the rest continue to be eaten.

The mold has actually penetrated deep into the fruit, the toxin has diffused through the fruit juice to the non-rotten parts.

In this case, the whole fruit should be discarded and not eaten.

Of course, refrigerating fruits is also a good choice for storage. In fact, fruits vary in size, refrigerating them takes up a lot of space in the refrigerator.

Good dried fruit can be stored for a long time!

The healthy dried fruit has been dehydrated on low temperature, can be stored well under the condition of moisture balance and physical moisture resistance. It is not easy to get mold.

It can be eaten within 3 to 6 months in proper storage, retains the freshness.

Most of the fruit nutrients are well preserved, which is the true natural dried fruit.

There are a lot of trace elements such as potassium and magnesium in fruits. These nutrients are rarely ingested. Dried fruits become the best nutrient source to consume anytime, anywhere.

3. Troubled by bringing fruit to lose weight?

Modern people’s health awareness is getting stronger, at the same moment they are paying attention to build perfect body.

People will maintain perfect body by losing weight and eating fruits.

But in fact, many people are very lazy to eat fruit. When they think of preparing tools, wash the fruit, peel it, and cut it into pieces, they lose their interest and cannot maintain it for a long time.

Some fruits are large in size and heavy in weight, it is inconvenient to carry them out.

Natural dried fruit is a new choice for healthy snacks!

One of the biggest difference between dried fruit and fresh fruit is portability.

Healthy dried fruit is like a snack package. Don’t need to wash with water and can be eaten immediately, saving consumers a lot of trouble.

As long as you choose the right natural fruit jerky, it can completely help reduce the trouble of carrying. The nutritional intake will not be discounted.

In addition, some cold fruits with high water content, such as watermelon, will generally cause the body temperature drop and feel cold.

Dried fruit has been dehydrated to remove excess water and concentrate into a rich taste.

When you eat healthy dried fruit, the number of chews increased. The more you chew, the brain hormones make people feel full easily. It is a nice snack that is conducive to weight loss!

4. Dried fruit (fruit jerky) concentrates the nutrients of whole fruit.

Peoples worry that the nutrients in dried fruit will be destroyed during processing.

Indeed, nutrients such as vitamin C and B1 that are more sensitive to high temperature will be partially lost when heated.

👉However, these nutrients can be largely retained if using low temperature dehydration. (ONELY Dried Fruit using this way.)

In addition, most of the nutrients, such as dietary fiber, minerals potassium, magnesium, iron and polyphenols that resistant to heat are retained.

For people who need a “high-carbohydrate” diet after exercise, eating dried fruit can replenish sugar and minerals in a timely manner.

Preserved and candied fruit are not REAL dried fruit!

Dried fruit chips prepared by frying will increase the fruit fat content from less than 1% until 10% to 15%. The characteristics of this type of dried fruit is crispy and has a greasy feel in the hand.

Most consumers mistaken preserved fruits as dried fruits. In order to attract consumers to buy, these preserved fruits will be preserved with high concentration of sugars and coloring to enhance the taste.

The original nutritional value of the fruit is completely lost during the manufacturing process. Eating it will bring obesity or tooth decay, which is completely unhealthy. It is better not to eat it!

5. Healthy dried fruit can reduce the risk of harming digesting tract effectively.

Fresh fruits contain protease and tannins.

For people with sensitive digestive tracts, eating fruits can damage the mucous membranes and cause discomfort.

The protease activity and tannin polymerization are reduced effectively on dried fruit. The stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract is greatly reduced and becomes milder.

Consumers with poor stomach system can get nutrition easily by consuming dried fruit.

Intake of dried fruit needs to be controlled, not the more the better!

As mentioned earlier, healthy dried fruit has certain nutritional advantages. There is no burden to eat as a snack, but it is not recommended to eat more.

The food we consume must be in a balance, too much is not good to us.

There is concentration of original sugar on healthy dried fruit, eating too much will bring an increase in blood sugar and calories.

👉ONELY dried fruit is made into 100 gram per pack considering to the intake. It helps you control the amount of intake effectively, unlike fresh fruit that sometimes can’t be stopped when eating, always afraid that it will be spoiled if you can’t finish it.

In addition, the naturally sweetness in healthy dried fruit can replace white sugar. Add it to variety of foods, such as porridge, yogurt, salad, rich the taste and healthy. The leathery feel when eating dried fruit is the result of the combination of sugar and pectin.

Conclusion: 3 key points of choosing natural healthy dried fruit

  • Find the nutrition label first when choosing dried fruit

If the nutrition label contains the words “vegetable oil”, it is usually fried dried fruit. Fried dried fruit is usually crispy and crunchy with high oil content.

Most of the fat content of natural dried fruit is below 1% (the fat content of ONELY dried fruit is even 0).

The fat content of fried dried fruit is between 10% to 20%. The nutritional value of the fruit is almost lost during the frying process, which will only make you fatter.

  • Reduce consumption of preserved and candied fruit

Candied fruit and preserved fruit taste sweet and sour, occasionally have a salty taste, which can stimulate saliva secretion, but are the most unhealthy.

The sugar and sodium content is very high, and easily to exceed the daily human intake standard if eating too much. In addition to the health burden, there is also risk of cancer.

  • Fresh fruit should be consumed regularly

It is recommended to buy some fruits that are small in size, easy to carry and can be eaten immediately after washing. It is not recommended to buy too much to avoid the situation that cannot be eaten.

Different kinds of fruits can increase the intake of trace elements. Bananas and oranges can be eaten immediately after peeling. They contain dietary fiber and various antioxidants. Apple and jambu can be eaten directly after being washed, suitable for those who losing weight.

If you have any questions about this article, please ask below, we are happy to answer you!😉

Thanks for reading!

Creating natural dried fruits suitable for all ages, leading a new era of healthy snacks.

– ONELY Nature

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