4 reasons to try ONELY dried fruit

Snack lovers must read ! 4 reasons why you must try natural dried fruit once in your life !

Article last updated: April 20, 2022

It is human nature to love snacks, whether it is men, women and children, whether it is for various occasions. No matter how good or bad the mood is, snacks have the magic power to soothe the heart.

However, if you eat too many commercially available snacks, you will feel inexplicable guilt in your heart.

After eating and eating, you looked in the mirror to see your figure after a while, stood on the scale and saw the weight gain, and the inexplicable pain came back into your heart.

The next step is to start the process of losing weight. In good cases, diet and exercise; if not, just let yourself go and think about it when you are free.

Because of the temptation of snacks, you started to enjoy snacks after losing weight, and slowly entered a “dead loop”.

Then if I told you that there is a new choice of natural snacks, that is, no artificial additives, and no flavoring agents that burden the body; and snacks that are suitable for men, women and children, would you want to try it ?

This snack is

dried fruit

We found that some consumers in Malaysia still don’t know what dried fruit is.

I have asked surrounding friends and compatriots, they are not impressed with the dried fruit, and they are not sure what the taste is.

Malaysia is a country rich in natural resources with many tropical fruits.

When most people want to eat fruit, all they have to do is go to a fruit stand and there are plenty of choices.

Perhaps for this reason, dried fruit is not as prevalent in Malaysia as it is in other countries.

History and Origin of Dried Fruits

mesopotamia dried fruit

In fact, dried fruit has a long history. The earliest records can be traced back to a Mesopotamian stele around 1700 BC, which records the manufacturing process of dried fruit.

Since then, dried fruit has continued to spread westward. Finally, centuries later, Spanish missionaries introduced grape growing to California in the mid-1800s, and the first raisin product in California appeared. Since the early 1900s, the dried fruit industry in California, USA, has flourished, and various kinds of dried fruit have been developed.

Dried fruit in the traditional sense is actually obtained by air-drying and sun-drying.

True natural dried fruit does not include preserved or candied fruit infused with sweeteners such as sucrose solutions.

Natural dried fruit retains the nutrients of the fruit through drying, low moisture content and low pH value technology, making it a very stable food.

Through time and the evolution of the industrial age, the history of dried fruit has undergone some changes.

Today, various methods of dried fruit production include oven-drying, freeze-drying, low-temperature air-drying, etc.

The maturation of processing techniques has also led to the development of candied and preserved fruits , which are commonly encountered.

Overall, dried fruit is the most recommended snack because it retains the original flavor of the fruit, and there are no other artificial additives such as added coloring, and preservatives.

Candied and preserved fruits are loaded with salt, sugar and other additives to ensure their shelf life and taste.

Some of you may say, if there are so many kinds of fruits in Malaysia, why not just eat fruits ?

👉👉👉We recommend reading this article on the 5 differences between fruit & dried fruit to learn more.

👉👉👉If you are just looking for natural snacks, we suggest you try ONELY natural dried fruit, click here to purchase.

1. ONELY: From Peninsular West Malaysia

Johor pineapple farm

ONELY’s current dried fruits, such as dried pineapples, are sourced from Simpang Renggam in Johor, West Malaysia.

Johor is the southernmost state of West Malaysia, about 2 to 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.

There are many companies that support the Malaysian economy, especially in the agriculture and furniture industries.

Due to the special geographical location and the continuous improvement of the international education system, Johor has continued to receive close attention and investment from various industries since 2016.

👉ONELY produces natural dried fruit in this booming Johor.

2. ONELY: Dried pineapple as the first, unique drying process

ONELY natural snacks dried pineapple

ONELY Dried Pineapple is mainly made from natural pineapples from Simpang Renggam.

After the pineapples are picked, sorted and selected in an orderly manner, the dried fruit is produced. During the manufacturing process of dried fruit, it will be peeled, sliced, killed and made with exclusive drying technology.

No sweeteners and preservatives are added in the process, and it is delivered to consumers after packaging.

3. ONELY: Good taste, fruity, outstanding personality, natural and delicious

tasty dried fruit

“Good taste, fruity, outstanding personality, natural and delicious” This is the most general description of ONELY dried fruit.

ONELY Dried Fruit is chewy and restores the flavor of the fruit, with moderate sweetness and acidity.

When you put it in your mouth, it smells full of fruit. From the moment you open the bag, the fresh fruit aroma comes to your nose, making you feel refreshed and eager to enjoy the taste of dried fruit.

👍This also corresponds to the slogan of ONELY

Dried fruit snacks for all ages.

4. ONELY: Some people will say that natural dried fruit is expensive, but they don’t know that it has its own value

valuable dried fruit ONELY

There are many brands and types of dried fruit on the market.

Cheap dried fruits, candied, and preserved fruits often contain a lot of added sugar and preservatives in order to achieve full taste and longer shelf life.

The cheap price imposes a health burden on the body that may need to be repaid many times over many years later.

ONELY Natural Dried Fruits need to use freshly ripened fruits, and use the exclusive low-temperature air-drying technology to dry them for a long time (average ranging from 12 hours).

The packaging is then filled with nitrogen to ensure its flavor and shelf life.

Seeing is believing, SGS (MY, SG, TW) test report.

SGS report ONELY dried fruit

A package of ONELY dried pineapples usually requires about 2 pineapples to make.

We choose the high quality MD2 pineapple from Malaysia, which is unique in that it has a more intense fruit flavor.

After drying, the pineapple tastes more chewy, and it will not hurt your tongue like it is on fire. The fiber is slender and the nutritional value is higher than other pineapples.

This is why adults and children are so fascinated by ONELY Dried Pineapple.

The research and development of ONELY dried fruit has always followed the three ” A ” principles:

ONELY principles

1. A standout design that will impress you

Consumers will be impressed by our packaging design at first glance.

Whether it is for yourself or your family, or as a gift, it can show your personal quality and enhance the impression of others.

2. A set of useful features that make you want to say ”where have you been all my life? ”

ONELY dried fruit is natural and has no artificial additives, so it is not a burden to the body when consumed.

We retain the nutritional value of the fruit, including its original minerals and antioxidants.

For users who are in diet control, natural dried fruit will not burden the body, but also provide a sense of satiety.

3. A conscientious pricing so you won’t Break the bank

A good product needs to be understood, recognized and benefited by more people.

We want people to really enjoy natural snacks, especially families with young children, to have a whole new and healthy snack option.

For consumers who support the ONELY concept, you can choose a value-for-money annual subscription plan and deliver it to your home for free!

If you have any questions about this article, please ask below, we are happy to answer you!😉

Thanks for reading!

Creating natural dried fruits suitable for all ages, leading a new era of healthy snacks.

– ONELY Nature

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